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2/6/2020 By Kathrin Hashemi


In 2017, I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of “UnSettled” at DRI’s Asbestos Medicine Conference in Las Vegas.  The documentary, produced by award-winning director Paul Johnson, highlights the various abuses existent in asbestos litigation through the experience of a car dealership in Visalia, California.

While discussing this film with Paul, he said, "as a news reporter who had covered the US justice system for many years, what was most startling to me about the stories we found in "UnSettled"  was that so much of the money that was originally intended to take care of people who had been harmed by asbestos wasn't actually getting to them.  A staggering amount was taken by ‘the system’ and few people really seemed very bothered by this.  I knew immediately that I had an important story."

I have previously blogged about “UnSettled” and I am excited to share that it is now available publicly to purchase or rent on Vimeo. Whether you are an expert in asbestos litigation, new to the field, or curious about the complexity of this very old mass tort, “UnSettled” is an enlightening watch. 

Kathrin Hashemi

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