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Kathrin Hashemi


Kathrin Hashemi has partnered with her clients on a variety of matters including litigation management, insurer billing arrangements, claims administration, and asbestos bankruptcy trusts.  Much of her work has allowed her the opportunity to have a more holistic understanding of the litigation at hand, while simultaneously being able to solve complex problems for her clients.

Leading the way on developing KCIC’s Bankruptcy Evidence Verification (BEV) tool, Kathrin’s expertise on BEV and the nuances of asbestos bankruptcy trusts allows her to guide clients on how to use bankruptcy trust evidence in litigation and settlement.  “Through the Garlock case, we noticed the growing need for transparency between the tort system and bankruptcy trusts.  Collaborating with our clients on this very important issue has been invaluable to me.”

Outside of the office, Kathrin enjoys running, cooking, and traveling.  Whether it is an adventure off to London, an outing to one of her favorite Virginia wineries, or a trip to Hawaii—a place she still calls home in her heart—she loves the chance to explore the world.

-Coverage litigation and settlement
-Claims and insurance analysis
-Allocations and insurer billing

Platform-Related Consulting
- Claims management
- Bankruptcy trust reporting

2014 – B.A. Public Health Studies, The Johns Hopkins University