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6/16/2022 By Kathrin Hashemi

On Wednesday, June 22nd at 11:00 am ET, I will be speaking at Perrin Conferences’ virtual Asbestos Litigation Trends and Trial Overview Conference.  In addition to speaking at this conference, I am looking forward to listening in on the various panels, showcasing thought leaders who will educate, advocate, and advance discourse in a balanced atmosphere of learning and sharing.

The conference topics include:

  • Recent trends in asbestos litigation
  • The appellate update
  • Overview of talc litigation
  • Lung cancer update

In the opening session, I will be part of a panel discussion titled “Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation.” I will be joined by David E. Breslau, Senior Asbestos Claim Analyst - ASU, Resolute Management, Inc.; Christopher Makuc, Senior Managing Director, PACE; Ben Vinson, Esq., Vinson Law; Erin M. Voyik, Esq., Vice President, Director, APO Global Initiatives and Claims Counsel, The RiverStone Group.

We will discuss:

  • Filing trends: Disease, jurisdiction and plaintiff firm
  • Overview of recent large verdicts
  • Lienholder recovery
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of collaborating across the table?
  • Has the need for NCC changed over time?
  • Forecasting future claims and valuation

During the conversation, I will share findings and insights from KCIC’s 2021 Asbestos Litigation Year in Review, which breaks down filings statistics by disease, jurisdiction, plaintiff firm, and more.  In addition, I will discuss what we are seeing so far in 2022. 

KCIC is excited to be partnering together again with Perrin Conferences as a sponsor of this collaborative virtual conference.  I encourage you to take a moment to view the agenda and more information on registration. Registration is complimentary. (If you are seeking CLE there is a $75 per state CLE charge).

I hope to see you online next week!

Kathrin Hashemi

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Kathrin Hashemi has partnered with her clients on a variety of matters including litigation management, insurer billing arrangements, claims administration, and asbestos bankruptcy trusts.  Much of her work has allowed her the opportunity to have a more holistic understanding of the litigation at hand, while simultaneously being able to solve complex problems for her clients.

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