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Illinois News Network recently cited KCIC's midyear asbestos litigation update in a story about Illinois' legal landscape and how the state's lawsuit-friendly policies cost billions of dollars and more than 80,000 jobs every year:

"Liability consulting firm KCIC said in a September report that the number of asbestos and mesothelioma cases in Illinois – big money in the tort litigation world where Illinois is seen as a national leader in those cases – dropped significantly in recent months in the state and the rest of the nation."

The story quotes John Pastuovic, President of the Illinois Civil Justice League, as saying: “Companies that are operating in the state have to account for the fact that they are likely to be sued in the state of Illinois. That just becomes the cost of doing business in the state and the companies that choose to stay here have to account for those losses.”

KCIC's midyear asbestos litigation update provides a summary of filings through June 30 this year (received as of July 31, 2018). Overall, KCIC saw a downward trend in asbestos filings so far in 2018.  KCIC will share full-year findings in its 2018 Asbestos Litigation Report, due to be published in the first quarter of 2019.