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10/24/2023 By Kathrin Hashemi

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have experienced an ever-evolving litigation climate.  Discoveries by the scientific community have led to remarkable medical advancements, and increased information sharing has changed the industry for both companies and consumers.  These developments have also brought about increased litigation and case management complexities.  As of March 31, 2022, over 80,000 pharmaceutical and medical device cases remain pending in MDLs alone.

I recently wrote an article for DRI’s For the Defense publication discussing these industry shifts and explaining what defendants, their counsel, and relevant stakeholders can do to stay current with litigation management strategies.  I further expound on how to utilize case management solutions, technology, and security.

The article is titled “The Evolving Landscape of Complex Litigation: Case Management, Technology, and Security” and can be read in the October issue of DRI's For the Defense

To download the full article, click here.

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to address this important topic for DRI members and colleagues in the industry.

Kathrin Hashemi

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Kathrin Hashemi has partnered with her clients on a variety of matters including litigation management, insurer billing arrangements, claims administration, and asbestos bankruptcy trusts.  Much of her work has allowed her the opportunity to have a more holistic understanding of the litigation at hand, while simultaneously being able to solve complex problems for her clients.

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