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5/11/2018 By Robert Parrish

We are proud to officially announce the KCIC Class of 2018! After successful fall and spring recruiting seasons, we will have nine new consultants and two interns starting with us this summer. They hail from a variety of prestigious institutions, including the University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, William & Mary, George Washington University, and the University of Richmond. 

Our team members have very impressive backgrounds. From interning at major banking institutions to playing varsity sports to speaking multiple languages, they bring with them wide-ranging experiences and expertise.

This recruiting cycle, our school-by-school recruiting strategies were a top priority. We understand that no two schools are the same and, as a result, the best avenue to access and attract potential consultants varies. We participated in many events, including career fairs, information sessions, resume reviews, and in-class presentations, to effectively educate the students about what KCIC is really about and what type of consultant thrives here.

We continue to enhance our interview process and have revisited our interview questions to better enable us to determine both aptitude and, importantly, fit. We want to ensure that the candidate embodies KCIC’s Core Values. From the student’s perspective, we made sure to leave plenty of time for questions to provide the candidate an opportunity to interview us.    

We are waiting with great anticipation for the following consultants and interns to join our team:

University of Richmond - Carolyn, Andrew, Kyle, Akshit, Lott
George Washington University - Shreyas, Antonio
Johns Hopkins University - Jazmin
William & Mary - Luca

University of Virginia - Collin
University of Richmond - Wallis

We look forward to bringing this new class of recruits into the KCIC fold, while helping them learn and thrive.