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12/20/2019 By Drew Archibald

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again!

Here at KCIC, the holiday season means giving back. Every year, we partner with Prince George’s Child Resource Center to act as “Holiday Helpers.” We ‘adopt’ families to provide some holiday cheer by sharing gifts.

Each year around Thanksgiving, Prince George’s Child Resource Center assigns us our families, providing details and wish lists for each family member. From there, our crew gets to work! We post gift tags on a wall so everyone in the company can grab one (or a couple!) - it’s always such a great feeling to see how quickly the items are pulled from the wall as our team volunteers to purchase a variety of gifts.

Once the gifts have been purchased, they are brought into the office in droves! Over the course of just a couple of weeks, we watch as a small mountain of winter coats, scarfs, books, toys, baby clothes, and so much more are piled (neatly, of course) in staging areas.

By mid-December we are ready to hold our annual Wrapping Party! We come together as a community - decked out in ugly sweaters and full hearts – and have a blast devoting a piece of the holiday season to spending time together and doing a little good for others.

It’s certainly one of our favorite times of year, and a KCIC tradition that we hope to continue for years to come!