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7/26/2021 By Nicholas Sochurek

Reminder: Stronghold Bar Date Set for August 10, 2021

This is our final reminder that the final claims bar date for all Direct Scheme Creditor claims (those issued directly to policyholders) is August 10, 2021, at 11:59 PM London time. The claim form should be accompanied by supporting documentation in accordance with the guidance laid out in the scheme of arrangement.

Stronghold has been in run-off since 1985 and was declared insolvent and placed in administration on June 27, 2019, following a failed solvent scheme of arrangement bid. All business included in the Direct Scheme is believed to have been written under the Stronghold name. For more information, please see PWC’s Stronghold website.

Update on Bedivere Insurance Company Liquidation

We have recently learned that some policies written by American Employers’ Insurance Company (“AEIC”), a former affiliate of Commercial Union, are not the responsibility of Bedivere and will be handled outside the liquidation. KCIC is actively investigating which insurer(s) would instead be handling AEIC policies and whether there are any exceptions. We will report back as new information becomes available. Additional information on the Bedivere liquidation can be found at the estate’s website.

Update on The Home Insurance Company’s Final Claims Amendment Deadline

We understand that the order establishing the deadline is currently stayed while the New Hampshire Supreme Court continues to consider whether to take up the appeal. If the Supreme Court decides not to hear the appeal, the liquidator will have 30 days to notify creditors of the new final claims amendment deadline, which is expected to be at least 150 days from the date of the denial of the appeal. We will continue to monitor and report back on developments as soon they become available. For more information, please see the liquidation website.

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