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KCIC's coverage of a landmark court ruling in Pennsylvania was spotlighted on The Pennsylvania Record in an article that also pointed to how KCIC's Bankruptcy Evidence Verification (BEV) tool helps keep bankrupt companies in evidence

Citing KCIC's recent blog post about the case Roverano v. John Crane, Inc., the story begins:

Asbestos defendants facing verdicts in Pennsylvania can now make sure jurors know when plaintiffs have also blamed other companies - and ask that they dole out fault proportionally.
And last year, KCIC Consulting, which provides tools for mass tort litigation management, released a tool being used to preserve evidence after asbestos defendants file for bankruptcy that could benefit those defendants.

The story went on to quote KCIC President Jonathan Terrell and KCIC Vice President Michelle Potter.  You can read the story in its entirety here.