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8/30/2019 By Megan Shockley

I am looking forward to attending the Perrin National Asbestos Litigation Conference, September 9-11, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. I am thrilled to be speaking on the opening panel at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, titled “National Trends Driving Asbestos Litigation”.

The session is the first to take place during the three-day event. As part of the presentation, I will be sharing KCIC’s latest data and analysis about asbestos litigation in the U.S., which includes the first six months of 2019.  I will compare the findings to the mid-year 2018 numbers that Michelle Potter presented last year at the same event.

KCIC’s asbestos litigation database depicts at least 90 percent of the total asbestos filings in the U.S. I will discuss our renowned annual Asbestos Litigation Trends Update. You can find a sneak peek of what we are going to discuss here.

With data received through August 31, I also plan to present:

- Filing statistics and comparisons by disease, jurisdiction, plaintiff firm
- A comparison of 2019 filings to filings as of August 31 in prior years
- An in-depth analysis of mesothelioma and lung cancer filing trends
- An update on “tourist” filing statistics in light of personal jurisdiction issues and rulings

Over the past several years I have enjoyed delving into our data and sharing our filings in KCIC’s annual Asbestos Litigation reports, as well as in related webinars and blog posts. The timing of this conference is just right to give a view of how 2019 filings are shaping up in advance of our “Asbestos Litigation: 2019 Year in Review” report that KCIC plans to publish in early 2020.

As in past years, KCIC is sponsoring the conference breakfast on Tuesday, September 10. I look forward to participating in the conference, let us know if we will see you there!

To learn more about the conference, and to register, visit