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KCIC has published its "Asbestos Litigation: 2017 Year in Review" report — the consulting firm's latest full-year look at the current state of asbestos litigation. For the first time, KCIC's data show a downward trend in the total number of asbestos lawsuit filings, as well as a decrease in filings for every major disease type.

However, there remains a high concentration of filings in the same few counties and cities in the U.S. Also, suits are still overwhelmingly filed by a small number of plaintiff firms that have a pattern of continually naming the same defendants. In 2017, at least one of the top 10 most-named defendants was named on 98% of received lawsuits. The most frequently named defendant was named on 87% of lawsuits.

Besides examining trends by jurisdiction, plaintiff firm and disease, as well as defendant naming trends, KCIC looked at secondary exposure/gender trends and emerging effects of Bankruptcy Trust Transparency legislation. 

The 2017 report reflects three years of data that KCIC received through Jan. 31, 2017. KCIC shared a preview of its findings during the opening panel of Perrin Conferences’ “Cutting Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation” conference on March 8.

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