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4/9/2019 By Robert Parrish

We have wrapped up another successful recruiting cycle! Our team conducted well over one hundred on-campus and in-office interviews, and we are pleased to have a class of 12 new hires, including 2 interns and a Junior Software Engineer! They hail from a variety of schools including Johns Hopkins University, the University of Virginia, Howard University, the University of Richmond, and George Washington University. This is the third consecutive year that one of our summer interns will be returning to work with us full-time.

As is the trend, we received more resumes this year than in any past year. Our success stems from the universities we have developed relationships with - we attend their career fairs, participate in workshops, and hold information sessions. We even hosted a recruiting event for University of Richmond students in our office which was exciting both for the students and for us!

Each of the events give us an opportunity to get to know students on a personal level; a connection we find invaluable to our process. Many of our new hires attended one of those events and we have heard from them how much they appreciate our outreach efforts.

This is a great group and we feel very fortunate to bring them on board. Without further ado, the KCIC class of 2019 is:


University of Virginia – Luke, Julia

University of Richmond – Wallis, Torey, Noah

George Washington University – Tori

Howard University - Chelsea

Johns Hopkins University – Ting, Cullen


University of Richmond – Sarah, Monique

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Matthew

We look forward to bringing this new class of recruits into the KCIC fold, while helping them learn and thrive.