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5/14/2020 By Nancy Gutzler

For many years, KCIC’s senior leadership team has been regular participants at ABA’s Insurance Coverage Litigation Conference. We started as attendees learning from the many presentations, became a yearly event sponsor for the conference, and have evolved to be regular speakers where we get to show some of our own expertise. We have noticed a change from the early years when we were often asked “so, what is KCIC?” or “what does KCIC do?” to now where we are greeted with “what’s new with KCIC these days?” Still though, no matter how many conversations we had over the years and how well we knew fellow conference attendees, we still heard people say, “I did not know KCIC could do that!”

As we prepared for the conference this year, we developed an idea that we hoped would solve that problem. The idea – create custom videos, scripted and spoken by KCIC’s own experts. The goal of this idea was to remind fellow conference attendees of our broad skill set and maybe even introduce them to capabilities they did not know we have. We had fun creating and editing the scripts and then trying to film without too many takes!

KCIC does its best work when partnering with clients to combine our technology and consulting expertise to create innovative solutions. Our combination of experience and technical skills to provide solutions gives clients a complete and accurate understanding of their data, liabilities, and insurance coverage, and enables them to make strategic and informed decisions.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the videos!

Nancy Gutzler

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Managing product liabilities often means breaking complex scenarios into smaller components that can be easily understood by all parties. That’s precisely what Nancy Gutzler excels at doing.

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