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3/26/2019 By Andrew Petryszak

In the complex world of data management and information logistics things can get messy fast. Often, an uncomplicated system or process can grow and fracture over time and a once relatively simple process can become unruly mazes of human and computer interaction. This can result in a host of unintended consequences, including process slow down, miscommunication, data inaccuracy, the inability to report or summarize information, and even system failure.

KCIC has abundant experience helping our clients transform challenging processes and systems into complete solutions. We have found that many challenges have their own unique subsets of variables that are required to be addressed both independently and integrally. We work with our clients to tailor processes, while facilitating information flow and storage through customized web-based interfaces. For these unique challenges we create Custom Solutions.

In the following video, Nancy Gutzler walks you through how we take a messy process and streamline it to be an organized resource for clients.