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Notice something different about 2020?  Beyond the obvious, the global pandemic accelerated long-simmering trends in every field, and asbestos litigation was no exception.  Following up on KCIC’s release of its 2020 Asbestos Report, we convert insights into action.

In this rapid-fire 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How to respond now to signals embedded in recent data (case backlogs, Nicholson model deviations, DOFE Creep, propensity to sue inflation, etc.)
  • How to capture near-term expiring value from The Great Reset
  • How corporate leadership can demonstrate ESG leadership while de-risking contingent liability exposure

Join KCIC’s Michelle Potter and Elizabeth Hanke with Holland Sullivan of FARA Recovery as they pinpoint actionable insights from the 2020 KCIC Asbestos Report.

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