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1/23/2018 By Elizabeth Hanke

KCIC Vice Presidents Elizabeth Hanke and Nancy Gutzler co-authored an article titled “Not for the Novice: Bermuda Form” that was published in the winter edition of DRI's In-House Defense Quarterly magazine.

In the article, Hanke and Gutzler share best practices for proactively managing Bermuda Form claims when facing “bet the company” litigation. “If likely coverage disputes are identified early, a policyholder can collect data to value and help mitigate impact on coverage later,” they write.

KCIC is frequently engaged to support large corporate policyholders with Bermuda Form insurance, from settlement negotiations to related mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Specifically, KCIC can review and summarize defense costs; value covered and uncovered costs as they relate to an integrated occurrence; organize multiple claim data sources to assist in proving exhaustion of underlying self-insured retention and excess policies; and provide written and oral testimony in international arbitration.

To download the full article, click here.

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