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5/13/2020 By Robert Parrish

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, an increasing number of employees are working remotely. Leadership at many companies is understandably anxious about this decision, especially if systems and processes are not set up to facilitate such an arrangement. As Carrie Scott wrote about here, KCIC has the systems in place that allow employees to maintain productivity while working remotely. In a similar vein, many of the same principles and tools used by KCIC to facilitate remote work are leveraged in our custom online platforms.

KCIC provides clients with a variety of web-based custom solutions that require only access to the internet; no need to be in the office or have access to a specific network. One such application is the KCIC Warranty Management solution – a collaborative tool that offers seamless access from anywhere, communication with other users within the platform, and of course, robust security.

With modules for writing new warranties, accepting claims on existing warranties, processing warranty claims and making payment to claimants and third-party vendors, our warranty management system does not stop working just because we are not physically in our offices. The only requirement is the user has the proper credentials for site and data access.

Access from Anywhere

The KCIC Warranty Management Solution offers all users access to the site without the need to be in their office or connected to a specific computer network. From reviewing warranty claims to monitoring expenditures, all aspects of warranty and claim review take place within the web application. A Warranty Claims Administrator, for instance, simply logs into the website portal and manages the warranty program as if they were in the office. This could mean reviewing claims against the warranty obligations and determining the way forward or simply monitoring claim activity.

Similarly, external users, such as warranty holders who need to file a claim, access the same web application to file a claim (no need to pick up the phone to call a claims specialist - one less system a company would need to think about when moving to remote work!).  Additional external users may also include contractors who fulfill warranty requirements such as repairs or replacements. The contractor simply needs an account – no need to be set up with specific hardware or software to utilize the system.

A Single Platform for Communication and Review

The KCIC Warranty Management solution houses all warranty and claims-related data and communication. All claim review and administration take place on the platform – if a claim requires additional information or clarification, for instance, the reviewer sends a communication directly to the warranty holder and the warranty holder logs into the same system to fulfill the reviewers request.

Further, both internal and external users have access to the relevant warranty and claims data for their specific needs. For example, warranty managers can log into the web application to access customized reporting to gain insight on various warranty program key performance indicators and external counsel can access historic claim review information.

Robust Security and Stability

A web application is only as strong as the security infrastructure that supports it. With all data stored in the cloud, which is subject to stringent security and redundancy requirements, the application is not prone to failures or downtime. Cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft have entire in-house divisions devoted to managing infrastructure security and stability and have comprehensive plans in place to handle a wide variety of shocks to the cloud system. For instance, providers of cloud solutions have response plans to mitigate the effects of spikes in demand during a period of increased demand. They can scale up or scale down capacity as circumstances require, while maintaining the stability and security.

Final Thoughts 

Having the use of a web-based cloud solution that does not require access to a specific network has a variety of advantages. As employees around the nation transitioned to working from home, the benefits became even more apparent. Fortunately, at KCIC, there was no worry that our clients would be unable to use our solutions, with the same access, same ability to communicate, and the same robust security that the application provided during normal times.