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Chris Crook

Lead Software Engineer

Chris Crook began at KCIC as a consultant, so he is intimately familiar with the host of challenges our clients face. Now on the technology side, he’s able to transfer that knowledge to provide cutting-edge technology platforms and implementations that support transformational problem solving for KCIC’s clients.

Technology architectural decisions and design is just part of what Chris does. He also is responsible for ensuring quality development practices and building proofs of concept for new feature and product offerings. He especially enjoys Custom Solutions projects. “I love the freedom to create tightly integrated technological solutions, whether as a one-off solution, to productize an offering, or to serve as an internal support tool,” he says.

To keep KCIC on the leading edge, Chris stays abreast of the latest technologies. But he also has many “non-tech” interests. He’s an avid hiker who hopes one day to finish the entire Appalachian Trail. He’s a hobbyist metalworker and woodworker who enjoys building furniture for family and friends. And, he is an amateur numismatist — a collector of coins who enjoys the broader study of money and other currency.

 - Litigation and settlement support

Platform-Related Consulting Services

Custom Solutions

2015 – M.S., Computer Science, The Johns Hopkins University
2009 – B.B.A., Process Management and Consulting, The College of William and Mary