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5/27/2022 By Nicholas Sochurek

Highlands Ordered into Liquidation

On May 17, the District Court of Travis County, Texas granted a motion to set deadlines for liquidating contingent claims and filing those claims against the Highlands estate. Policyholders with contingent claims must liquidate them by May 31st and submit final claim updates by August 31st. Failure to file updated claims will result in such claims being disallowed. Only contingent claims that have been liquidated by May 31st will be considered for payment.

Highlands’ policyholders were required to file proof of claim forms in 2007 and updated claim information with supporting documentation in 2019. Policyholders who did not timely file proofs of claims are not permitted to do so now. The permanent receivership of Highlands ended with the issuance of the liquidation order on October 29, 2022. For more information on Highlands, please see the Special Deputy Receiver’s website or the receivership website.

Upcoming Deadlines

June 10, 2022 - American Service Insurance Company and American Country Insurance Company claim documentation date (Illinois)

June 10, 2022 – Gateway Insurance Company claim documentation date (Illinois)

March 31, 2023 – Park Insurance Company proof of claim bar date (New York)

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